Knowledge, Experience and Skills

I am a Software Engineer specialized in the Business Process Improvement and Enhancing User Experience. I love creating the applications that everyone likes to use. I continuously think how to improve business processes, reduce costs, increase productivity and competitiveness by delivering well thought out computer technology solutions to rapidly evolving business problems.

I pay great attention to user experience and try to see how can I make a certain project stand out from competitors. Though until now it sounds more like front-end user experience engineer, I am also passionate about the server side and have great interest and experience into creating strong, scalable and fast backends.

I have a proven track record of improving software development processes, code quality and reducing costs due to the logic errors through creative use of technology. I consider myself a top-tier technologist. I strive in environments where I am given all of the information, contacts and independent decision making capacity with which I can succeed in taking a project from start to finish.

{Web Developer 4.0}
{Sharepoint Services 3.0}
{WPF .net 3.5}
{Web development .net 2.0}


C# Windows/Web Applications [10 Years], User Interface [9 Years]
Web Applications [7 Years]
SQL Server [7 Years]
Software Development Life-Cycle [6 Years]
Telerik, Kendo UI (HTML5), Aspose, AjaxControl Toolkits
VB.Net Web Applications [3 Years]
WPF [1 Year]
WCF [1 Year]
Share Point [1 Year]
Oracle, HTML5, CSS3, CipherCloud API for Encryption, Salesforce API, InfoPath 2010, Facebook API, Telerik OpenAccess Framework, Enterprise Library 4.0


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I am happy to answer any questions you have or provide you with an estimate on project.
Just send me a message in the form below.
3880 Duke of York blvd
Mississauga, ON, L5B 4M7.
Phone: 1 877 636 9222
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